May 31

H11A vs H11B?

Hi. Hopefully the title was clickbait af, and some experts can help chime in.

While I am no expert with HIDs, I DO have a decent amount of knowledge and experience with HIDs over the course of the last 6 years of unnecessarily dumping money into a car.

I've had multiple HID set ups, ranging from an AP1 retrofitted Civic with Morimoto's XB35 HIDs with their 5500k D2S bulbs, to incorrectly purchasing H11A bulbs for my IS250's lows.

I understand the difference between H11A and H11B bulbs, according to their bulb placement.

So with that said, my question is:
I'm trying to get some HIDs for my pop's 2015 Sienna, fitted with factory halogen projectors. Yes, yes, I know that putting HIDs in halogen projectors are bad, but I've purchased HIDs for his old 2007 Camry and the output was awesome with zero glare. Since his schedule and mine dont always line up, I'm not always able to dive down and dig into his car to closely examine his car as to which bulbs are appropriate, so I wanted to post here to get some answers from experts, and opinions of those who know of Toyota's chassis/ HIDs fairly well.

Ive come to the conclusion that H11B bulbs are the way to go on the low beams, but what about the foglights - are H11A/B even necessary for the foglights?

I dont want to unnecessarily spend gobs of money on something that will have little to no difference, but at the same time, want to do things right the first time. I've purchased billions of sets of eBay HID bulbs that are inconsistent in color and longevity, so those are out of question.

We've got a road trip coming up, so fitting the car with some properly bright headlights is only fitting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!