Apr 27

FS: TL 3G Slopes w/ ZKW lens

These were used in a previous retrofit with CBI bulbs and are still in great functioning condition. the outside of 1 has some epoxy from the shroud that was on it, it can be chipped away, the other still has the shroud glued to it. the outsides of the projectors is a bit dirty but not bad, maybe 7/10 exterior, 9.5/10 bowls

Both bowls are in mint shape, no burns or fades.

Both have been modded for sharpness and blue flicker.

Pictures included are both bowls, and both projectors low beam and high beam output with Morimoto XB 4500 bulbs, wth xb35 ballasts. pictures were taken 15ft from garage door.

125$ shipped within Conus -or- for trade, make offers? I could always use extra retrofit stuff

Projector 1

Projector 2