May 10

FS: Projector fog lights galore, OEM and aftermarket ballasts galore, S2000 projector, harness and bulbs galore.

So I'm pretty much a hoarder. Acquired most of these for a foglight retrofit that might not even happen now. Went through the garage and found all of these. Take them off of my hands. The only trade I'm looking for are bi-xenon projectors, even MiniD2S 4.0 to play with.

All prices include shipping in the continental U.S.

1) Lexus IS300 Yellow Projector fog lights - $70
The housing is in decent condition, can use a good clean if you're gonna use it on an IS. The projector bowls inside look clean, these are the 9006 version.

2) ZKW Mini H3 Projector fog lights - $70
To me these are probably the widest fog projectors and they have a clear lenses. I think they're off of a VW, not sure when I bought them. Bowls also looks clean, no burns.

3) Nissan Maxima H3 Projector foglights - $60
Very nice foglight projectors with a clear lense and a lot of color at the cutoff. Good bowls as well.

4) Toyota/DENSO OEM D2S ballasts - $90
One of the best OEM ballasts, very fast warm/startup, OEM reliability, comes with harness to power them.

5) Audi/Hella Gen 3 OEM D2S LONG cord ballasts - $90
These are coming harder to find in good condition. These are the ones that have the longer wires, includes the harness to power them as well.

6) Infiniti/Nissan Matsushita OEM D2S ballasts - $80 pair
Fast start up as well, I have 2 pairs for sale. One pair comes with the wiring harness to power them, one pair doesnt.

7) HID Relayed Wiring harnesses $13 each
4-5 9006 with one that is H7 Canbus. I have a couple of these, comes with relay, all new.

8) Single OEM Honda S2000 projector - $90
These are the AP2 ones with a fresnel lenses and the slope cutoff. Bowl in good condition.

9) 4 DDM tuning 35 watt AMP HID Ballasts - SOLD

10) MAXLUX 35 watt AMP HID Ballasts - $35 for the pair
These are made in Korea and are really nice for aftermarket ballasts.

11) Various HID bulbs $10/pair (Will discount if you buy more)
90% of them are new, some have a few hours from testing. I had a lot of
MiniH1 retrofits before, hence all the H1 bulbs I stocked up on.

H1 - 3000k, 2 pairs
H1 - 4300k, 2 pairs
H1 - 5000k, 2 pairs
H3 - 3000k, 1 pair
H8/H11 - 3000k, 1 pair - SOLD
H8/H11 - 5000k, 1 pair - SOLD
D2H - 3000k, 1 pair
9006 - 4300k, 1 pair

Let me know if you any questions!