Apr 29


First of all i am located in europe, Norway to be specific (shipping to US is around 100$) so this may be more interesting to non US buyers.
I am considering selling my copies of Koito Bi-Led projectors. They look same as originals but the emitter is different (bit colder color also) and output is different(because the emitter is tad bigger).
They have never been installed , i moved the shield for stronger hotspot (because of emitter , the geometry was off and there was more than double of intensity reserved for high beam). One Lens is glued back because i wanted to use clear lens.
They use 2,6A @12v at low beam and 2,8A at high.
I think the emitter use same voltage as original = 18v.
Intensity is comparable to original Koito's i measured 5500-5700 lux from 10ft at low and around 6000lux at high beam(it can be changed by moving the shield but this was the max).
For comparison i tested FXR with xb4500k bulb and mori xb ballast 6000lux low and 7000lux high beam.

Price is 200$ or 185eur plus shipping.

FXR xb4500k at bottom