Jun 06

Fog lights Matchbox projector mounting

Hello guys,

so this topic is about Matchbox Projectors which I would like to fit in my A6 C5 fog lights.
These are H7 fogs.

I have bought a new pair of aftermarket fog lights to keep my original Valeo's.

Some pictures:

So I have some mounting issues.
I thought I could mount the projector to the reflector but this won't fit into the housing. Also I can't keep the original up and down alignment.

The projector fits without reflector and without projector shroud. I could dremel 2 mounting points of the original reflector, then the projector would fit. But when I do this, I have to JB weld the projector and I cannot adjust them after that.

Here are the two mounting points (the black ones with the hole) which I could dremel to create a better fitment of the projector, so it won't stick out too much to the back.

Maybe you guys have some ideas what would be the best way to mount them?
Or should I go all in with JB weld?