Jul 29

Flush Mount LED Pod Retrofit???

This is off the wall but I bet it can be done. First off I am new to the retrofit world I didn't know it existed until Capt BMW decided he was going to merge into my lane and put his drivers side mirror into my cheap Chinese aftermarket headlights. Then when looking for replacements I stumbled upon http://shop.retroshop.us/ This dude opened my eyes and 1500 bones later I have some sick quads retrofitted for my 2012 ram 1500 I did a black and color match red paint scheme switch back halos and turn signals demon eyes and 5500k hid bulbs I am in love with them Jermey did a great job I would recommend him to anyone who isn't doing this themselves

So onward I just purchased a rear bumper for my truck that has cut outs for flush mount LED pods. I could go with the standard Ridgid pods or I could go with these Chinese cheaper pods that do duel color both both are a boring option to me. What would be SUPER COOL would be if I could find someone to retrofit these style pods for me . In a perfect world someone would build out these flush mount pods retrofitted with one or two or 4 swtich back bulbs (how ever many would work One would be fine in my op) They would be wired to the reverse lights and shine white when in reverse . Then run up front somehow and tied into the turn signal so that when I hit the turn signal they would flash amber. Icing on the cake would be if I could have a switch to make them hot as well in white if I needed extra light back there for what ever reason but that is only if its an option that wouldn't have to be

So this is my vision can someone shoot me down and put it to bed please or if its possible shoot me some feedback to continue my quest or if anyone is interested in building these I would love to buy some !

thanks for taking the time to read or help !