Apr 28

DS2 Bulbs Will Not Stay Lit @ Cold Start

I did a quad projector retrofit to my 2011 WRX and I?m having an issue. I am hoping to get some input and advise on how to correct said issue. My setup is as follows:
  • 4TL-R projectors to replace the OEM halogen projectors - running Phillips bulbs
  • Acme Super H1 projectors in the high beam reflector
  • (2) TRS relay harnesses with splitter from the headlight pigtail
  • (2) OEM ballasts
  • (2) Acme Speedystart 35w ballats
The problem I?m having is this; on a cold start the (2) DS2 bulbs will ignite but turn off within 1 second. It takes ~3-5 tries for them to eventually stay on and they?ll stay on until the lights are turned off. When they?ve been on for a good minute plus they?ll turn back on no problem. It seems to be isolated to cold starts.

The + and ? for both relay harnesses are connected directly to the battery. The H1 projectors run flawlessly so, in an effort to start ruling out problems, I swapped harnesses between the H1s and DS2s and the DS2s still act the same way. I bypassed the splitter and same thing. This year WRX came with the option for HIDs, so I tried wiring the ballasts directly to the factory pigtail and again, same problem. I checked voltage at the relay harness ballast output and it?s a clean ~14v, so I have no reason to believe the ballasts are not getting enough juice; especially since the other projects run with a hiccup.

I?ve read OEM ballasts can be picky about which bulbs they run but these are genuine (as far as I know and they state Made in Germany) Phillips bulbs so I don't think they?re the problem.

The OEM ballasts I bought are remanufactured OEMs for Nissan/Infiniti but they fit the Subaru ballast location perfectly so I assumed they would ?work?. It?s just odd that both sides act the same way. If it way just (1) it would be easily to rule it as a bad ballast/bulb. Are all OEM ballasts created equal? Could both remanufactured ballasts/ignitors be bad? I?m thinking about trying my luck and buying a Subaru specific ballast and see if they works.

Picture of OEM ballast I?m using

Picture of OEM Subaru ballast.

In the grand scheme of things this isn't huge problem because I do have working head lights but I do find it to be a nuisance if I'm driving because I don't want to have to flip on the headlights a bunch of time for the D2Ss to light. Other drivers will think I'm nuts and if a cop sees me I'll probably get pulled over for suspected drunk driving. lol

I don?t know if anyone has experienced something similar but any advice would be great. Thank you.

The lights have since been aligned.