May 17

Diode gurus, I need your help

Hey guys,
I need some advice for the DRL boards out of my Tacoma. The factory pcb has 12 white emitters, and I am wanting to switch them out to Amber. I can solder, wrench, and grind but spec'ing out the proper LED's is where I need some guidance. First... is it even possible to utilize the existing board? My thoughts are; de-solder the old diodes, solder on new ones. I have no clue on the factory specs, if you need me to get any measurements just let me know. Also, if possible.. a link to a recommended emitter. Thanks in advance!
I was going to just run a led strip..but I'd prefer to utilize the factory optics..they are awesome.
Stock board with optics:

Close up of connection. There is a ground, +12V high(100% brightness for DRL) and +12V Low(~30% brightness when headlights are on)

Close up of LED's..IDK manuf.

Factory optics.