Apr 26

Dimming a switchback turn signal / DRL combination

Hi, I tried searching for a similar problem but couldn't find anything close to this.

I have an Alfa Romeo 159 which has 3 separate lenses in each headlight. The one in the middle houses both the indicator and the sidelight. No factory DRL.

So I got myself a pair of LED switchback lamps (white and amber) which go in the place of the indicators and have a single wire coming from each lamp that connects to the battery providing a permanent signal, to make the DRL part of the lamp always on. They have resistors fitted to them so as to avoid any CANbus errors. All good and well, and it works fine.
Here's what I'm talking about:


The thing is, to make DRL's road legal they have to dim when I turn my low beams on. And to do that I got ine of these relays which seem easy enough to install:


Problem: since the DRL part of the lamp is being powered by a single wire (it connects both lamps to the battery, actually), how do I fit this relay to my present setup? I assume the DRL and the indicator share the same ground wire, but is it safe to connect the relay's ground to the one coming from the lamps?

Sorry for my etchy explanation and clearly not native english.