Jun 29

Differences between Q5-r projectors and other HID questions

Hi, I'm thinking about getting a retrofit for my new Corolla and have some questions before I push through.

1. In my country we have a few retrofit shops which offer 'Q5' projectors.I was told that the headlights in the Corolla wont be able to take the FX-R projectors due to size so the Q5s are the best I can get. Now my question is are the NHK Q5 projectors okay? This brand is used by the less expensive retrofitting shop while the more expensive shops tell me they use Koito. They all say that this is OEM but I am not sure if the term is accurate. Did the Q5 really use D2S bulbs?

2. How hard is it to seal the headlights? I asked around and all the famous retrofitting shops here use a heat gun and butyl rubber to seal headlights? Is it something easy to mess up? My warranty will be void if I do the retrofit so I was wondering if I should go with the more experienced (and expensive) shop. Any other problems which may happen with retrofits?