Aug 17

Datsun pickup retrofit. BMW headlight lenses and some 3d printing

Stock lights are crap and needs to go, but I still wanted it to look a little old not like those crystal clear headlights you can buy.
So I chose to buy a set of BMW E34 headlight lenses and swap out the original koito lenses. Then retrofit a bixenon projector, I chose the acme h1 standard because it was cheap and heaps better than stock lights.
But I also needed some way of sealing everything up so I had a cowling made to go over the rear and a spacer ring to sit in between the outer and inner bucket.
It was a pretty fast job so I forgot to take photos of all the steps but hopefully you'll get it.
And I don't have any output shots as I'm in the middle of converting to a coil on plug setup so it doesn't run atm

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