Apr 26

D3S Base size different between brands?

Hi guys

I need some advice regarding an issue i've had physically fitting D3S bulbs in my car

Car is a 2016 Jaguar F-Type, pretty sure the projector is shared across all xenon JLR products

I swapped out the oem 4300k osram D3S with osram cbi's i bought from TRS. They fit fine, but unfortunately even after bedding in, the colour is still too yellow on the road in this particular projector

So i bought a set of the pricey Philips Ultinon 6000k from TRS, and much to my amazement they would not physically fit in the base holder on the headlight. Space is tight on this car, so i'm free balling the install and not sure if i'm pushing hard enough to seat the bulb

I measured the bases and the Philips was 1-2mm wider, so surely there should be enough play on the car to accept the bulb

Has anyone come across this issue before with the D3S

If TRS is watching, can you confirm if your morimoto bulbs are same base size as osram and ill try those