Jul 02

D2S 4.0 : Hotspot Problem

Hello Guys

i got a pair oof D2S 4.0 projectors and one of them has a problem :

hotspot moves when beam get more distance.

for ex. : when i am in front of a wall (2-3 meters) it is ok.
when it is 6-7 meters hotspot is still visible in high beam
but after 10-15 meters it totally goes out of visible area.

bulbs are CBIs , so there is no problem of bad quality bulbs.even i tried changing the bulbs but it doesn't help.

cutoff line is sharp and straigh without any bowing so i think bulb aligment is ok.

but i can move down hotspot into its correct place by moving the bulb (shimming) but i have some bowing instead.

whats is your idea ?