May 23

D2s 4.0 bulb installation issues

OK, so I feel like a complete moron right now, but I can not for the life of me figure out how to seat the bulbs into the projector.

I have the d2s 4.0 from Morimoto obviously, and the bulbs are Morimoto xb 4500s. I just got my ignitors this afternoon and went to test fire and figure out Rotational alignment and no bueno. No combination of the locking rings will keep the bulb secure, there is no rubber gasket or anything to place being the bulb in any box, nothing. For a moment I thought the spring that comes with the 4.0 was used, but there is no way it will fit between the bulb and locking ring.

Can someone please point out the obvious so I can come to grips with missing something so simple and move on to finishing this retrofit?

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