Apr 28

D1S to D2S conversion question

Application is a 2006 corvette. The factory bulb is a D1S for the low beam in a pretty crappy projector. Aside from opening the headlight (which involves cutting off the old lens and buying a new one) The best improvement I can do is a D2S run off a 55w ballast. While there is a substantial improvement in output, there seems to be a good amount of light scatter. TRS support tells me this has to do with the alignment difference between D1S and D2S, but even with the bulbs sitting next to each other, I can't see a difference.

Here is it with D1S low beam (TRS Morimoto 5500K )
It looks like there is some light scatter, but it's very dim

D2S low beam with same camera settings (TRS Morimoto 5500K on 55w Ballast)
Because everything is brighter, It looks like the scatter is brighter as well.

Note: I took the D2S version on a test drive and did not get flashed, The slight amount of light above the cutoff makes rural night driving much easier on the eye.


Sidenote: If I do have to swap the projector, What is the best D2S Bi-xenon projector with a 2.5" lens?