Apr 26

Couple of issues that may be wiring related. Need Guidance.

Hello guys, I had an installer from the TRS website order minimoto kit and install it for me on my RSX a couple of years ago. About a year after the install it started having issues and I am not sure if it is installation related or material related. The guy who did the install is of course nowhere to be found now either.

The two issues are: sometimes the left light won't come on, and I will have to turn the lights off and on a time or two for it to kick in. The other issue is that the lights sometimes will just come on, all on their own, while the car is off and parked in the garage. I've come out at least 2-3 times in the morning during the past year to find the lights on and I am unable to shut them off other than by removing the fuse in one of the wires that was put in during the install that comes off the car battery. I've even had it drain the battery one of those times to the point I have to charge it back up to start my car. If you can offer any guidance of what might be the fix to these issues, or point me to a professional in the Tulsa area that could help, please do so. Thanks!