Oct 16

Converting 1156 into 7440

It was easy to convert a 3156 to a 7440 because of the pins, but converting a 1156 to 7440?

I had a car that took 1156 and now I'm hoping to take all these LEDs into this other car that has 7440s and 7443s in them.

When i opened up the actual 1156 LED bulb, wires exposed and all, it looks like I could just solder a couple of pins where the wires were to successfully make contact with the sockets panels.

I probably shouldn't be making a thread for this question because i guess the only way for me to find out if this works is to DIY.

Welp. hopefully I'll remember to post back with some pictures of this little project i guess. i'm just afraid I'll blow a fuse or start a fire 💀