Jun 15

Condensation – am I safe?

So in the process of seperating the lens from my headlight a small hairline crack formed on the back part of the headlight. Well I thought I sealed it correctly.. the passenger side headlight is fine and I sealed it the same way by using the stock sealant.. yeah I know that can be hit or miss sometimes.

My question is: will the condensation in the headlight affect the projector (mainly the chrome in the bowl) at all? I don't want my reflective bowl to get all hazy or something which I doubt would even happen but I just wanted to be on the safe side and know what to expect.

As far as fixing this issue.. anyone who lives in the South knows that the weather has been pretty SH*TTY all summer.. South Carolina has been hit with thunderstorms like every other day it seems lol so after moving apartments in the upcoming weekend(s) I figure I'll tackle the headlights first of July assuming the weather cooperates. BTW I have 2 Silica (?) gel packets from TRS in each headlight and this one is still collecting water. ANNOYING!!