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Color Mod & Color Flicker

See Also Cutoff Shields for shield mod information

What’s a “color mod” and why does everyone always talk about it? A color mod is the tweaking or adjusting of a projector’s output so that it’s visually more colorful. This can be at the cutoff line on walls and/or during color flicker as seen from head on while the vehicle is being driven towards the field of vision.

Colorful Cutoff

This is generally done by spacing either the cutoff shield or projector lens to reach the desired light output characteristics. This can be done with thin washers from your local hardware store, as a spacing difference of as little as .5mm can have a big impact on output.

A color mod is done to intensify the pretty color seen along the step line and maximize the clarity of the projector’s output. This is done before the projector is installed. However, too much modification and you can decrease light output & clarity (for example, if the colorband or cutoff line gets too thick and slightly fuzzy). Modifying shields or lens space isn’t something to jump into lightly. If the projectors are “off” or done differently from one another they can have varying light output. They may never line up correctly, which can be difficult in an already wide output projector such as the S2000.

Color flicker is simply the colors seen through the spectrum as a vehicle travels towards the on-looker while moving up or down. These colors generally range from blue, purple, green, red, orange and yellow.

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