Clear Lenses & Optics

A projector lens is what magnifies & intensifies the light created inside the projector. It’s one of the most important parts of an HID Projector.

Having a projector lens with the proper characteristics and optics can make a big difference on light output, clarity, sharpness, color and intensity. The optics of a lens are simply the characteristics of how it alters and effects light output.

Fresnel Lens 1Clear Lens 1

A fresnel lens generally refers to a projector lens that contains ribbed lines, fuzzy patterns or blurring marks that diffuse light output for slightly improved foreground & bad-weather lighting. What this means for a headlight retrofit project is less than stellar light output & a non-crisp cutoff line.

A lot of factory equipped HID cars come with a fresnel lens.



To remedy these situations and get maximum performance from your headlights a clear lens upgrade is a must.

Clear lenses are optically crystal clear. What this does is fine tune the light output created within the projector bowl for a more intense on-road pattern, a sharper cutoff line, better color flicker(more coloring shown in the spectrum) and a slight increase in actual light output.

TSX-R Lens

Not all lenses are the same nor are they all directly interchangeable. Some projectors (like the Acura TL for example) take a 3″ lens. A 2.5″ TSX-R clear lens won’t fit or work on this projector as it will improperly focus the light output and actually decrease performance. A clear 3″ lens must be used (the ZKW-R lens is a great replacement).ZKW-R Lens



Clear Lens Types (common):

–TSX-R 2.5″

 Lens Dimensions: 2.5 inches, 22mm focus height

Projectors: TSX, RDX, RL, S2K (AP1/2) FX35, G35, G37C, RX330, RX-AFS, SC430, LS430

OEM Applications: A variety from Acura, Lexus, Infiniti

–FX-R 2.5″

Lens Dimensions: 2.5 inches, 24mm focus height

Projectors: OEM Infiniti FX35/FX45/G35 Bi-xenons (pre-recall only) (certain Morimoto Projectors)

OEM Applications: Infiniti FX35/45 SUV, Infiniti G35 Coupe (pre-recall only)

–ZXW-R 3″

Lens Dimensions: 3 inches, 22mm focus height

Projectors: Acura TL, Hella E55, RS6, Bosch E46 (All Bi-xenon)

OEM Applications: A variety from BMW, Mercedes, Acura, Saab, Cadillac, Nissan

–STI-R 3″

Lens Dimensions: 3 inches, 27mm focus height

Projectors: Murano, 350z, Porsche, G37 Sedan, LR3 Bi-xenons

OEM Applications: Nissan 350Z, Murano, Porsche 997, Cayman, Infiniti G37 Sedan, Land Rover LR3

–Mazda 3  3″

Lens Dimensions:3 inches, 30mm focus height

Projectors: Only Mazda 3 OEM HID and Halogen Projectors

OEM Applications: 2004-2009 Mazda 3

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