May 10

Chineese VW Tiguan Lights

Been reading here on and off for a couple years, first post. If it needs moved please let me know

I think I've been converted to a headlight junkie. I've always liked good headlights, since driving my friends G35 coupe. When I bought my Yukon, the headlights were terrible, I bought used BFC Projector retrofits with Mini D2S morimoto bulbs / balasts. Spoiled Rotten. When I sold the truck I took them off and sold them

New (to me) car - 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan. Terrible lights. None of the popular shops do retrofits for a tiguan, and I didn't really feel like I should be spending my time doing retrofits myself

Against my better judgment, I bought some lights from china. paid a bunch, showed up in a few days, and to my surprise they are actually very nice

Double U "halo" and the bottom LED strip does switchback. Completely changed the look of the car, and damn nice output and cut off line

here is my specific question. Should I replace the chinese 55w balast and bulbs with 35w morimoto? These take a bit to light and are very blue warming up. Once fully lit they are great. Or other suggestions? I want the whitest, best long lasting headlights - and I did pay a lot for these. Don't want them to melt or something with the 55watters if thats the issue.

Bulbs are D2H said to be 35w and 5000K but when I got them, they are marked 55w and 5500K


here's a youtube vid