CCFL Halos & Angel Eyes

CCFL Halos or Angel Eyes (both refer to the same thing, just different names) are an additional option during the headlight retrofit process.

CCFL stands for cold cathode fluorescent light. There’s a gas within the circular halo tube that is ignited (similar an HID bulb) to produce light output.

The most common mounting points for a thin CCFL tube during the headlight retrofit process is on the new projector shroud. It has a round shape which allows for three anchor points to hold the tube.There are a variety of ways to attach the tube but the most common and reliable is the thin silver wire method. This simply involves twisting three pieces of bare silver wire, then wrapping them around the halo tube, inserting the wrapped wires through a pre-drilled hole in the shroud and then securing the wire with a high heat epoxy.CCFL Halo Installed

While CCFL halos are an option, consideration should be taken to the fact that it’s an additional item inside the headlights that can fail with time or improper installation. The externally mounted CCFL inverters can always be replaced but should a tube fail the headlight would need opening to repair/replace.CCFL Halo Lit Up



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