Aug 09

calling HID headlight experts – HID quad projector setup – one projector shuts off randomly – 2014 Nissan Maxima

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to pick someone's brain here who might be an expert on HID headlight systems.

I have a 2014 Nissan Maxima with a quad projector setup (4x Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 projectors w/ 35W ballasts from The Retrofit Source). Here's a pic: https://www.dropbox.com/s/htwtd9gx9k..._2361.JPG?dl=0

I'm having an issue pop up in the past 2 weeks or so where randomly, the light in the inner projector on the driver side will flicker and then shut off. When I cycle the headlights off and on again, it will stay on sometimes but at other times, it will shut off again within a few seconds.

Basically, here's what it looks like when it does that: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l9yembga59..._0353.JPG?dl=0

It seems to be random. And happens once every 3-4 days, but only starting about 2 weeks ago.

The whole system is about a year and 3 months old and all the parts are Morimoto. TRS has a 2 year warranty on the Morimoto ballasts with a lifetime that should be about 5-7 years, so I'm surprised that it is conking out.

Is it likely that it is the ballast for this projector going bad? Or bulb? Or maybe the relay going bad?

One other observation - when the projector does shut off, and I am not playing music in my car (which drowns out any other noise of course), I can hear static through the speakers for that instant that the projector shuts off. I also get static for an instant when the headlights are turned on; we tried the iron ferrite rings on each of the 4 projectors, etc. but no luck. Maybe it's this same projector that is shutting off that is causing the static when everything is fired on, and we need to install multiple anti-static iron rings on it.

That makes me think it could be the ballast. Any ideas?

Thanks again.

Ugh, this retrofit has given me nothing but headaches lol.

It was fine for the past few days, then tonight, it started flicking slightly again. Usually next step after that (based on past experience) is that it shuts off 😭😭