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HID Bulb Color Shift

HID bulb colorshift is the actual Kelvin color temperature rating of your HID Bulb shifting higher during the lifespan of the bulb. Initial colorshift happens at around 200 hours of use. At this point the bulb is actually broken in and producing the most output it ever will. The Kelvin color temperature continues to rise as the bulb ages with use. Once it’s reached the 2000-2500 hour mark, its more towards 4400-4600K (just out of optimal range on a 4100-4300K bulb). At around 3000 hours the bulb can reach as high as 5000K (4300K original coloring); Just about time for a replacement. Fun fact: OEM HID bulbs never burn out (unless handled improperly, are damaged or experience severe vibration). Instead, an HID bulb colorshifts until it’s light output is no longer optimal.

The two images in this section show an OEM Philips D2S 85112 35 watt bulb at the 100 hour mark and then again at 3000+ hours. The difference can be seen in color output and glare. Time for a replacement.

D2S Philips 85122 Pre Colorshift

D2S Philips 85122 After Colorshift

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