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HID Bulb Capsules

HID bulb capsules are the actual glass tubes where the xenon gas is ignited, the arc is created/lit and the light is created & maintained. HID Bulb Capsule Fig1(see Fig1)

An HID capsule is essentially the heart of the HID bulb. When examined closely there are actually a few glass units within the capsule. There’s the main outer shell, the upper and lower electrode glass tunes and the center arc tube.

The center arc tube is where the salts and xenon gas reside. These can range in quantity and chemical composition depending on the bulbs wattage, Kelvin-Color temperature and intended use. For example — a standard Philips D2S 35w 85122+ 4300k bulb will have a different chemical composition than a Morimoto D2S 35w 6000k bulb.

55 watt HID bulbs generally have thicker glass outer shells than those of 35 watt bulbs. This is due to their higher heat generation.Closeup DL50 Capsule

Extra special care should be taken during the installation process to ensure the glass capsule is free from contaminants. Oil from human fingers can cause the bulb to run hot and prematurely burn up or potentially blow up causing damage and an electrical shock risk. Clean the bulb capsule with an alcohol wipe prior to installation into the projector — this will ensure the long life of your bulb.

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