Jun 14

Best brand of LED bulbs (194, 578, 3157, 3457, 921)

I have a 2011 Ford Escape, and will soon be installing Mini D2S 4.0, and in the mean time I want to change everything else over to LED bulbs. I don't really care about the color temperature, but brightness is important to me.

The cost is a bit of a concern, so I'd like to keep it under about $20 per bulb. Right now I have the basic (https://www.amazon.com/SYLVANIA-194-...s=194+led+bulb) Sylvania LED bulbs for the interior and license plate lights, and I am reasonably happy with the results. However, for the taillights and turn signals, I'd like to get something brighter. What brands and product lines should I be looking at in this price range?