Apr 26

BB6 Prelude Front Signal LED Retrofit

HEY GUYS I'm currently working on retrofitting my own led boards into my turn signal housings. I'm a noob so feedback or advice is appreciated.

OEM Signals:

Lens came apart pretty easily after some time in the oven:

Then went to frys for some prototype board and cut out a template with card board:

Painted the boards black and decided on my pattern. I'll also be painting the exposed chrome portions on the housings black

maybe someday i'll make another set like this for fun

(Ignore the crappy soldering im a noob remember)
I bought some piranha superflux amber leds from lighthouse leds, 1.9-2.1 volts, 20 mA
So I wired my leds 3 per series with a 470ohm resistor, total of 18 sets of 3 in parallel.

I had a TAP Plastics cut me a piece to replace the oem lens with, i think it'll look cool

Now for mounting the lens I could use a little guidance. I want to use screws and I'm going for this kind of look:

i ordered some rubber sheet to make a gasket out of, also some #2-56 screws that i think will be skinny enough to screw into the sides of the housing.
I like the idea of being able to easily open the housings or replacing the lens because of the screws.
And this is where I'm at now.