Oct 11

Auto lights switch themselves off!

Hi guys
Bit of a strange one I?ve not been able to find an answer too.
I used to have normal halogens on my 2014 Vauxhall Astra GTC and when I unlock the car at night the auto lights(including the headlights) all come on even before I get to my car and stay on until I lock the car. However since installing HID?s the lights come on when unlocked but only for about 10 seconds or so and then shut themselves off, when I start the car they come back on and stay on until I pull out the key, it happens every time I really like the feature of the lights coming on when unlocking so I?d really like to head any suggestions you guys have
So you know I have a HID relay direct from the battery with the signal wire connected to the cars harness and then a resistor for each side to prevent the Bulb Put warning.
Any suggestions?