May 23

Are this kind of No Resistor Required LED Bulbs Reliable ?

I've been replacing all of the bulbs on my 02 Tacoma, and have found bulbs from many sources (eBay) were unsatisfactory. These bulbs probably need to add load resistors to cure hyper flash, that isn't a fault of the bulbs, but I just think it is dangerous. Load resistor will reach near 140 ℃ and overheated after working for 30 minutes, no safety place to hang it on.

So I am searching for solution on youtube and find these kind of no resistor required led bulbs. https://youtu.be/oLyhO6XLoEo
They plug and play, don't need load resistors addtional. I think they just build the electric resistor in the bulbs.
Many sellers have similar products, including jdmastar, so i wanna ask if anybody test this kind of bulbs before, are they reliable? Can these bulbs get flashing for over 30 minutes?