Apr 26

Anyone got a faulty d2s igniter lying about?

Hi guys looking for anyone who might have an old d2s igniter lying about. Doesn't necessarily have to be working.
I have e55 projectors in my oem xenons setup (BMW) which look like they house d2s bulbs.
Currently in there are d1 bulbs that don't sit very well and the metal retainer clips are all missing.
Have removed the headlights and confirmed the part numbers match up with what the car should have.

As far as I can tell, the d2s igniter clips into the housing and the bulb slots into the igniter. My car has no metal retaining clips for the bulbs and I am planing on toying around with some ideas on how to secure the set up.

Soooooo. I'm looking for anyone who may have faulty/surplus d2s igniter and or bulb.
Below is a pic I've borrowed from the net my housing is exactly the same (minus the metal clips)