Jul 17

Any type of purple halogen bulbs available? 2001 Miata

Hey guys! Just joined the forum since I've been searching for something specific but can't find anything on the internet about it. So I currently have nokya yellow H1 foglight bulbs in my Miata fog light housings. I'm looking for a purple H1 light, and bought some cheap LEDs off of ebay. Well, they didn't fit into the housing; they were too big. So now after searching around it doesn't seem that anyone sells any purple halogen bulbs in H1 configuration. Anyone here know of any vendors who would possibly sell a purple halogen in H1? If not, then I'm also open to an HID conversion for the fogs, but I'm afraid of whether or not the HID bulb will fit in the housing. I know I can definitely get purple HID's in H1, but am unsure of fit and if it might melt my housing. Any help is greatly appreciated.