Jun 23

Another One… FJ Cruiser MLED Re-Retro

Having one HID and one LED setup currently makes me appreciate the output of the HID but the instant-on of the LED is intoxicating. So... I'm rebuilding the MLEDs I had (removing their etching via new lenses, re-doing the passive demon eyes, etc.) and re-using them on a new setup. My 4TL-R/50w/CBH/M45 setup will be sold off.

New Housings (likely Depo)
Line-X Reflector Bowls
Morimoto M-LED prototype Bi-LED Projectors
Morimoto H4 MotoControl harness
Apollo 3.0 shrouds - painting them likely red, orange, or yellow
Passive demon eyes - painted either red, orange, or yellow to match the shrouds
No etched lenses

The cutoff shield that previously had navy blue demon eye paint on it has been blasted in preparation for the new paint.

This is why the oddball color selections... I've been wrapping it in "Ironman Stewart" livery