Jun 08

Advice on mounting resistor with tape

Hey guys. I bought a tail as turn module set up for my 2016 wrx. It allows my oem led brake lights to be used as my turns as well. Much cleaner look for the wrx. It has wired led resistors on it so i dont get hyper flashing. Normally i would cut it off and go with a new flasher relay but the relay i tried is not very good and messes with my oem tap to turn and also creates a delay when i put my blinker on. So i want to mount the resistors in a safe location off to the side of my tail lights away from anything they could potentially melt during extended use and hot summer days. Is there an easily available double sided tape that can withstand the temps created by the resistor? Theres not much length to the wires so using zip ties or anything like that would prove to be difficult. A good heat resistant double sided tape would be excellent. Anybody have any experience mounting resistors with tape? If so, what did you use? Also, am i just being paranoid about the whole heat thing? Is it actually safe to just let those resistors come into contact with my trunk lining and padding? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I was also thinking i could use any old double sided tape to mount a couple of the zip tie mounts in place and then zip the resistors to those...

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