Jul 13

Acme SpeedyStart Ballasts

I recently completed a budget projector HID install purchasing all components from TRS. SpeedyStart Ballasts, Acme Bulbs and Acme Standard projectors. The attempt here was a low budget install on an old truck. I could not see the reasoning in installing a high end system that was worth more then the truck. (Not really, but you get my point.

I have already had one Acme Ballast / Ignitor not always fire on startup and was replaced under warranty. Now the other one is doing the same thing.

I realize these are low end. I get that. I realize one gets what they pay for. I get that too. My question is, is this the nature of the beast on buying low end components in the HID world? I mean there has to be tradeoff somewhere so maybe one pays the price on dependability when one buys low end? I assumed the price to pay was more in the longevity realm then in the dependability realm.

This is all no big deal and I shall be calling TRS at some point over this but as a relative HID newbie, just trying to sort all this out to make the right decision.
I am wondering if an upgrade to the XB35 would be wise. OEM is out of the question, just not going in that direction with this install right now.

It seems like the Acme Ballast have a lot of cable after the ignitor, then adding the wiring from the bulb maybe that is giving some issues. I noticed on the XB 35 ballasts the bulbs plug right into the ignitor giving a much sorter connection.

Thanx in advance.