May 22

3rd Brake + Cargo light retrofit

I started this build because although my Tacoma came with factory Cargo lights..they were marginal at best. I couldn't find crap in my bed at night..so I fixed that

Factory clear 3rd brake light cut openBoard made by HELLA)

2 white emiters on each end are the cargo lamps, the 4 in the middle are red brake light

It shoots through these optics, which are positioned at an angle

SMoked vinyl tint..laying out the template where to cut for cargo lights

Designed a holder for all the new LEDS;(3d printed)

LEDS installed (5730's for cargo, Radiantz flex for brake)

You can see here that the cargo bed lights are at a sever angle. This helps project the light downward for better bed illumination. The brake LEDS are at less of an angle for better visibility of the driver behind you.

All finished! The Cargo LED's line up PERFECT with the factory diffusers built into the clear lens.

New foam, and plastic welded back together..noone would even know.

I'll let you guess



Distance shots:
Trailer is 20' plus another few to garage. Good coverage and spread(no other light sources, no photo editing)