Sep 21

2017 F150 XLT – HID vs LED from TRS??

Ahhhh snap! BVC is back in this ish!

Seems like just yesterday I was here trolling with all of you guys. I'm sure the newbs will see this intro goofy an what not.

Anywho - As many of you old timers know I ditched the Fusion for an Explorer two years ago. Well on Tuesday I picked up my shiny new 2017 F150! And the headlights kinda suck.

It's a lease so I'll not be doing a full blown retrofit on this vehicle (explorer had projectors already from factory). So I'm trying to gauge what would be better fit for the 2017 F150. HID plug n play or should I go with the new LED bulbs that TRS offers?

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also how the hell do you attach images?? I ditched my photo bucket account after they went to shit. I assume with the new updates this forum received - it's a disabled feature now to attach photos hosted by this site?