Apr 27

2013 Honda Accord Coupe (V6-6 Speed Manual EX-L) Retrofit

I installed the Retro-Quik kit from Lightwerkz. This consisted of the 4TL-R Bi-Xenon projectors and Osram CBI HIDs. I also installed the Morimoto XB Type S LED fog lights. Here are some shots I took tonight. In the close up shots facing the front of the car you can see how well the OEM LED strip matches the CBI HIDs and LED fogs.

For the output shots, one is high beams on and one is low beams. The high beams still look a bit yellow because it's a mix of the Bi-Xenons and stock halogen bulb. Eventually I'm going to get some whiter halogens for the high beams, but it's not super high on the priority list now.

This was definitely not "plug and play". There was lots of shaving plastic parts off. Drilling holes to access screws that were hidden. And a lot of reading on forums to see how other people did it. I'm extremely impressed how this ended up given this was my first retrofit and I didn't test the projectors at all before installing them on the car.