May 31

Morimoto Mini H1 Issues

So I recently did my second retrofit for my sisters car which is a 2005 Honda Civic EX and I seem to be having some issues.

I used a set of brand new Depo black housing headlights to do the retrofit as seen here with the finished product:

Retrofit Details:
Morimoto Mini H1 4.1 (or the latest versions of w/e TRS is supplying)
GTI-R Shrouds
Morimoto 3Five Ballasts
Morimoto 5K bulbs
9006 wire harness
High beam wire splitters (the set up has quad highs (xenon and halogen))

So the issues I am having are:

1) Hot spot issues:
  • The driver side seems to have a very noticeable hot spot. The passenger side almost has a non existent hot spot. I have moved the bulbs around and re-seated them multiple times. Nothing helps.

2) Height adjustment issue:
  • So the headlight housing adjustment screws are at their max tilted up. The housing/reflector bowls are tilted up as far as they can go. The problem is that the light output is only shining an estimated 40 feet at the most in front of the car. I took the car for a spin on some back roads and the low beams basically suck because I can't aim them higher.

What do you guys think I can do about the height adjustment problems?

When I mounted the projector, I used this order:
  1. Projector
  2. Large white silicone washer
  3. Headlight reflector bowl
  4. 9006 alignment ring
  5. Lock ring
  6. Bulb holder
  7. Bulb
  8. Bulb retaining clip
I am thinking the large white silicone washer might be the issue perhaps? Maybe remove it and use the thin washer instead? It seems the large white silicone washer is causing the projector to slope down a bit.

As far as the hot spot issues, does it seem to be the bulbs?

Thanks in advance.