Jun 08

2012 Nissan Pathfinder – Acme H1 Retrofit *in progress*

Hi all - long time no speak! I just remembered my password to this site

Long story short - maybe some of you remember I used to have a Pontiac Vibe. Well bought the Pathfinder last year and kept the Pontiac. Drove it to Atlanta and it got taken out in a parking lot by a drunk driver (who also took out about 3 other cars as well ) Insurance is fun though because ended up getting paid a lot more than it was worth / owed for it to be totaled.

Anyways here is my current setup and progress. I admit I took way too much off the shrouds but I kind of went crazy, forgot the "Measure twice, cut once" rule. Also using a mini hacksaw is SO much easier than a dremel IMO.


12' Nissan Pathfinder
Acme H1 Standard Projects (hey, i'm on a budget here)
Acme H1 5000k bulbs
Gatling Gun 2.0 Shrouds

Build pics:

My current headlights are aftermarket and the passenger side has terrible condensation issues, but I think the aftermarket (blacked out) lights look cooler than the stock ones so it's where I got my inspiration from.

Painted the headlight surround and side reflectors (ignore the terrible looking paint job on the side markers, they're not bad in person but just dusty in the pic)

Got carried away cutting here

Test fitting before painting

The back of the headlight

Everything is pretty much drying now. Just have to get it all put back together. The real pain comes from taking the front bumper off to get to the headlights