Jul 02

2008 Subaru Legacy Spec B + "Black Series" projectors

I got bored of having a reliable car, so the Accord went away (along with the retrofit) to an old coworker's girlfriend and I got myself a 2008 Subaru Legacy Spec B. The previous owner of it put in some DDM and Innovited 35W HID kits into the low beams and fog lights, which I promptly removed upon parking in my garage. Then I learned that the headlights were amber-removed Depo, not cleared OEM headlights that were resealed using silicone. So, I picked up a set of used OEM headlights for super cheap. When I received them, I understood why they were so cheap. Broken tabs, high beam bowls hastily painted yellow, chipped corners on both lenses, hazing of the lenses on the outside AND INSIDE!

Then I set about searching for OEM drop-in HID projectors and found out that there aren't any. The "Black Series"/Maxima/MDX are a nearly direct drop-in, so I picked those up along with Osram CBI bulbs from TRS (before the July 4 sale ) and here's where I'm at.


OEM passenger side headlight open with (L-R) Black Series, OEM H7, yellow high beam:

Black Series shield modified to fit in the OEM headlight bracket:

OEM headlight bracket modified (quarter section cut out due to interference with the projector bowl) to fit the Black Series projector:

What is a retrofit without a minor color mod using 1 #8 (or maybe #6?) washer on each lens mounting leg?

And output with high beam:

So, when I ordered the projectors and bulbs, I thought I had either 2 Denso (Lexus) D2S ballasts or 2 Matsushita (Subaru) D2S ballasts, but it turns out I had 2 Denso (Subaru) D4S ballasts, 1 Matsushita (Subaru) D2S ballasts, and 2 Mitsubishi (Honda) D2S ballasts. So, I have set about trying to make the Mitsubishi ballasts work.

I wanted to mount the ballast underneath the headlight:

But I needed the D2S plug to be inside the headlight, which required de-pinning the connector, drilling a hole in the headlight housing, and re-pinning the connector after feeding the wires through the hole:

Now that the ballast is mounted underneath the headlight and the plug is inside, I test fit everything to ensure no fitment interference internally, but hit a roadblock with the twist-on low beam cap: the D2S plug sits too far back to allow the cap to twist on the headlight. So, I need to make it fit:

All of this work is being done on a headlight that I consider unusable, so if it turns out my ballast placement interferes with something on the car or the low beam cap can't be used due to space constraints, then I'll rework the ideas. Maybe push the projectors forward inside the headlights?