Apr 26

2007 LEXUS IS 350 ASF Projector Swap

I have a question regarding 07 LEXUS IS 350 equipped with facory OEM HID system which happens to be AFS. The factory setup is running AFS and I am unhappy with output of the projectors. Those projectors are poor and don't compare to TSX and TL or G37 that i used to own.

Is there any direct bolt on swap availablefor this application for ease of retrofit?

I heard that the motor moving AFS system needs to work or if removed will cause AFS flashing light on the dashboard. Is there any ways to properly disable this system so that i can for example retrofit it with lets say morimoto d2s projectors?

Has anyone run custom bracket in order to have functionality of AFS and projector swap?

Would it be best to get another lets say non hid set of headlights (donor det) from Ebay or similar and do retro and keep AFS headlights on the side?

Thanks in advance for your advises and contribution.