Apr 27

2003 – 2007 Silverado Quad Morimoro Mini H1 Projector Retrofit Headlamps!

Hi guys. Time to dust off my headlamps I modded quite a few years ago for my '03 Silverado and get these sold to someone who will enjoy them. Quad Morimoto H1 Projectors. Bixenon function on outer projectors. Inner ones were modded to house high intensity LED strobe lights from Feniex Industries. Perfect for car shows! Incredibly bright even in bright sunlight. Bixenons have Morimoto 5k bulbs with very low hours. I've polished the lenses but they need more sanding and polishing to get them perfect. The rubber on the rear caps will need some silicone to seal them up from sitting. other than that, these are good to go! Again, these are not perfect. They will need more cleaning / polishing to look amazing. you must provide the ballasts / wiring harness for your truck.

No ballasts or other wiring included. Just the headlamps as you see them. As with any used items, these are sold as-is. Asking $350 shipped to the lower 48 states.

Gold94Corolla has given me permission to post here as i was an original member in 2008 yet i have less than 30 posts. my original username was cruizerman.
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