Apr 27

200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser bi-xenon + reflector hi beam

Hi, I picked up a used 2010 Landcruiser. The previous owner had done a DIY conversion to the 2012 facelifted version. The vehicle originally came with 9005 hi beams and 9006 low beams dual reflector lamps. When the facelift was done, an aftermarket projector headlmap was used. The lamp uses projectors for the low beam and reflector for the hi beam. The previous owner used a generic low quality 9005 HID kit for the hi beam and modified a halogen bulb to fit in the projector for the low beam. Light output is awful.

I have a set of Denso ballasts, 85122 bulbs, 9006 relay harness which I intend to use. I am considering swapping the generic projectors for Lexus RX350 bi-xenons. How can I control the shield solenoid with this 9006 harness? Thought of just adding some splitters the factory 9006 harness and wiring the solenoid directly to the pos and neg leads. Any thoughts?

Other option is using the RX350 projector as low beam only and adding 2stroke LED's to the factory hi-beam reflectors. Or maybe a quality halogen bulb.

Also my Denso ballast (old school non slim version) have a label that say D2S D2R ... does this mean it can power either type of bulb?