Jun 17

1st Retrofit to existing D2R headlight – Nervous

Hey guys, first time posting. Been a lurker over the years. Car is a 03 Infiniti G35 with factory D2R in top headlight and fog/high in lower assembly.

I've been reading deep into retrofits, watching videos, etc. I'm experienced in using all different types of tools and car/home DIY. What worries me is a basic projector threaded retrofit in videos and on the net all seem straight forward and simple. But reading DIY guys are saying they spent 30 hours on a kit or 2 full days and so on. What's taking so long on the install? I'll post a pic of a D2S projector in the top housing from another G35. Mine won't have a side clearance light like the photo. I've seen so many Projector gone wrong bad installs, trashed headlights. So this worries me. I work 3-4 12 hour shifts so I will have 3-4 straight days available.

Planned install...
Morimoto mini D2S or some single beam D2S in the top housing and prefer a threaded shaft setup. I will reuse oem ballast, etc

I have opened headlights before, used a Dremel, aimed many headlights and so on. So I shouldn't be worried right. A simple retro like this isn't a 30 he job I'm assuming aiming is the hardest part.

PS pic is in my phone and thought I could post pics from my device