Oct 03

WTB: Somebody to make me some clear lenses

I've been in the middle of my hid projector conversion for the longest time and I'm hoping someone can help me get this on the road.
I have a 1987 Thunderbird and the only option is the fluted style lenses and of course I need some clear ones.
This process will take me too long to do with what I currently have going on so I would hope someone that has a little more experience making these can help out.
I'd be willing to pay a good amount as long as they look great
I can even see if I can get other buyers to get in on this as I'm sure other Thunderbird owners would love some of these and making more than one set might be more economical
Here's how far I got a while back and just haven't been able to finish up not to mention I never even started the other side

The shape of these headlights is not crazy or anything and I'm sure they would be easier to make than most other headlight lenses
The front is mostly flat but the bends on the edges could be tricky >90 degrees.
If someone could make me a set or at least refer me to someone that can get this done for me, that would be awesome
I have extra headlight lenses and buckets if needed

Oct 03

How do you connect Monrimoto Mini D2S 3.0 High Beams?

Hey guys,

I have a 2016 Honda HR-V. I recently retrofitted Morimoto Mini D2S 3.0 projectors with a DDM Tuning HID Kit. The OEM wire harness has H4 connectors but I'm using a wire harness with a relay w/ 9006. I bought a 9006 female connector and attached spade connectors to insert into the OEM H4 plugs. Now, I can't figure out how to connect the High beams. Was I supposed to get a different wire harness?

Oct 03

Strange issue with Mori XSB switchback strips

I just finished installing a set of the new XSB switchbacks. The turn signal function causes the strips in both the left and right headlights to flash amber at the same time (as if the hazard lights were on) regardless of whether the right or left signal is activated.

There is a set of two strips in each headlight. The switchback wires for the strips are connected directly to hot wire for the turn signal separately for each headlight. The wires for the drl/white light are connected to the hot wire for the side marker. OEM side marker and turn signals were removed, wires were cut and strips were connected directly to the wires.

To me it seemslike a ground issue but I've played around with the ground and can't seem to solve the mystery. Any ideas what might be causing this?

Oct 03

XB T10 LED problems? revisions?

Does anyone know if there was a bad batch of these or if theyve been revised? I got these back in May and within a few weeks one wouldnt power on and the other would flicker and half of the leds on the cobb were out. TRS was appreciative to send me replacements on their dime. Here it is 5 months later and one of these replacement bulbs are doing the same thing. Both sides of the cobb are flickering barely staying lit. I read on here a post I believe by thmanx that his first batch of them did the same thing. Am I able to get a replacement again? ( only need 1 ) as the other seems to still be fine. If so can someone inform me of the correct process to get this handled? I can supply a video of this is action andor the bulb cut in half.

Thank You.
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