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“FXR 4” projectors from China

I'm going to do a retrofit for a friend with a 1992 Audi S4, which has nearly identical headlights as the 1994 A6/S6 I did a while back.

The headlights have small fog light projectors mounted just below the 2.4" halogen low beam projector, with very little clearance (2-3mm tops) between them. As such, find the right projector is crucial.

I've tried fitting EvoX-R, Depo X5 (smaller version of the E55), Mini D2S, Mini H1, FX-R 3.0 2.5", RX350 and they were all too big or the mounting points didn't nearly line up close enough that I could sneak a bracket in there. Eventually I was able to fit a G37 Sedan projector in there by grinding the AFS gear nub at the bottom off, devise some ingenious brackets and boom.

This time around, since I'm all out of G37s, I decided to try something else. I've been eyeing the "FXR 4" projectors that have been floating around on AliExpress for a while, but they were too expensive ($80 a pair for a projector I knew nothing about? Meh.) - until now. On the Chinese shopfest on 11/11, I found a seller offering these projectors at a mere $57 for a pair, so I went for it. They arrived on Friday at work, so I popped in and picked them up yesterday on my way home from the chiropractor's.

Some information:
Length: no idea, but about the same as the FX-R 3.0 2.5", i.e. 135mm or so
Width: 97.5mm
Height: 72.5mm
Distance b/w top mounting holes: 70.5mm
Distance b/w bottom mounting holes: 70.5mm
Distance b/w top and bottom mounting holes: 63mm
Bulb types: H7, H9, D1S, D2S

Yes, they take both halogen and HID bulbs, which is a bit of a red flag there already.

However: They were relatively cheap ($57, remember? And free shipping, too!), they are compact, and the output is actually quite good regardless of bulb used. The best thing is that the owner can pop in a H7 bulb for inspections and the inspectors will be none the wiser, as the car came equipped with haloven projectors from the factory.

So I've taken some pictures, comparing it to the real FX-R 3.0, to which it supposedly is the successor.




Side by side:

Top mounting holes nearly line up:

Bottoms ones don't at all:

Bulb holder with bulbs accepted stamped on:



Bottom profile:

Philips 85122 D2S, low beam:

Philips 85122 D2S, high beam:

Philips Vision 55W halogen H7 bulb installed:

Halogen low beam:

Halogen high beam:

The halogen output shots are way overexposed because potato phone, the outputp was a lot dimmer in person, but definitely usable. I would not be afraid of driving in the dark with a H7 or H9 in these.

I think I'll try to retro these into the S4 lamps, I think that'll be a lot easier than the G37s - a lot less grinding at least.

Differences and similarities:
Overall shape is similar, though not completely. The FXR4 sports a half-open lens holder which is held on by 4 screws. First impression is that it looks like an FX-R, but different, which is good enough reason to think it's a successor. The output is similar as well, even though my crap pictures don't show it properly. It has the characteristic FX-R high beam.

The FX-R 3.0 is an all-metal construction with a closed lens holder and no foreground limiter. The FXR4 is an all-plastic construction with a half-open lens holder, which has a very moderate FGL. The good thing is that it can easily be replaced with a more agressive one by loosening the bottom screws a few turns, they removing the top ones and sliding the FGL out. Being a plastic design, it is also noticeably lighter than the FX-R 3.0.

The FXR4 is also a much more slimline design, which does away with the huge metal lump on the bottom of the FX-R 3.0. It also adopts a more common mount hole pattern which rarely ends up being used anyway, but at least the design allows for the mounting flange surrounding the projector bowl to be cut away for epoxy type installs. The flange being plastic also means it doesn't take forever to do.

Finally, the FX-R 3.0 being a true HID projector, it only accepts D2S bulbs, whereas the FXR4, seemingly trying to be a hybrid projector of sorts, accepts both H7 and H9 halogen bulbs as well as D1S and D2S HID bulbs. Only time will tell how the coating inside stands up to HID bulbs, which is what it will mainly be used with.

I'll try and update this thread when the customer getes his lights and has driven with them for a while. I also have two pairs of G37s on the way from TRS in case these FXR4s burn out.

Comments welcome.

Dec 01

Wtb, 2.25 inch clear lenses

I would like to aquire a realky inexpensive pair of clear or semi clear 2.25" lenses for valeo d1s projectors

Dec 01

Koito Bi-LED Retrofit into 2015 Ford Fusion

Hello, I don't come in here often because I rarely have anything cool to post. :P

However, with that said, about a month or so ago, I bought a set of the Koito Bi-LED projectors for my 2015 Fusion... and upon arrival, got to modifying them for sharpness and a nice color band.

You know the drill, unmodified:

To modified:

The projectors are so close to being a direct bolt up to the upper bolts, I just am adding a rough photo showing how close they are to fitting, as is, no modification to the OEM brackets.

A little size comparison between OEM Valeo projectors:

Had to trim a bit of the OEM heat sink down for them to fit... not much missing, should be more than adequate for cooling purposes, however:

Mounted to the factory brackets after much trimming was completed:

Rough fit prior to paint, just making sure everything still fits in place:

And after wrapping things up... I also snagged the set of Fusion specific XSB 2.0 switchback LED strips that TRS was selling...










And for the output photos... the car was slightly on hill, thus the upward rotation... the passenger side light rotation is off by about 2 degrees, however - I will be fixing this eventually.

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Dec 01

How to mount projector without using factory reflector?

I am installing a set of projectors into a fairly small/tight housing. There is room to mount it to the headlamp housings body, but how do I do this and retain rotational adjustment and up/down and left/right adjustment? Everyone says to use the JNC method, but the link no longer includes pictures and requires use of the reflector. Are there are any threads that shows good solid mounts that use totally fabricated attachment points. The back of the housing is pretty much flat and there are no factory adjustment locations near the low beam portion of the housing. The factory setup has all the adjusters located on the high beam side of the reflector so I can't borrow any pre-exisiting mount tabs.

Thanks for any advice
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