HeadlightRetrofits.com was created to provide an in depth information resource open to anyone interested in high performance headlights & the world of HID Projector Retrofits. Lighting that correctly & properly illuminates the road in front of you in a crisp and clear manner, without blinding oncoming drivers or creating obnoxious glare, is priceless.

Mini Morimoto MH1 bi-xenon projector

Here you'll find a large ever-growing database of information regarding nearly every aspect of what goes into an HID Projector Headlight Retrofit. The most common components, products and industry terms are all laid out with explanations, uses & example images. Please contact us should you feel any information is incorrect, missing or if you have questions.

H. I. D. stands for High Intensity Discharge. An HID Retrofit, projector Retrofit, headlight Retrofit or Retrofitting is the fabrication & installation of high performance HID projector components into a halogen headlight. Special care is taken during the component's installation to ensure proper beam pattern & rotational alignment. This is why paying for professional retrofit services is well worth it.Headlight Retrofits w/LED Strips

An HID Retrofit is an absolutely great upgrade for nearly any vehicle; even ones that already come with a factory/OEM HID setup. Often times an HID projector retrofit will outperform OEM HID equipped vehicles. A few examples include BMW, Audi, Mercedes & Land Rover.

Please note: An HID Projector Retrofit is NOT a "Plug-and-Play" HID Kit as often sold on the market today. It's a much greater component lighting system that is explained in detail throughout this site.

Custom Headlight Retrofits

For Sale(CT) Corolla LED projectors + Universal LED Pods.

Carolla LED projectors from my bike retrofit, good to go in great shape, NO SHROUDS. (the black mark on the bottom ballast is from paint overspray… Continue reading

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hlr_autopost copy

Quad Bi-Xenon wiring help

I am wanting to do a quad bi-xenon setup in my tC. I have the projectors and bulbs, as well as two Hd relays and 4 ballasts. I bought the quad kit… Continue reading

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